Pandora's Aquarium / Pandora's Project
and Shannon Lambert

and how they contribute to the
ongoing rape of children and adults

Pandora's Project and Pandora's Aquarium were started by one Shannon Lambert, herself a rape survivor, for the ostensible purpose of providing information, support, and resources to survivors of rape and sexual abuse. They have received corporate recognition and corporate money.

As they say, they are "devoted to recovery and healing". What this means is that they censor the posts their members make on the forum. They censor out anything which they think could be contrary to someone else's "healing". Members explain this and explain that anyone who criticizes will get into "trouble". Their moderators say the same, and that one has to learn how to write posts so that they don't get edited.

Makes no difference that someone is speaking about their own life experience and not in anyway responding to anyone else, not trying to in anyway impinge upon anything anyone else has said. Pandy's moderators suspend posts, edit them, and then expel people if they complain. Their Admins are also insulting in email. They would seem to be on a power trip, but actually it is something far more serious. They simply have put themselves into a postion where they refuse to be held accountable for their actions.

Those who have been abused by the Family System need the safety to talk. Most all of our social institutions are bound up with the Family System, and as such are in denial about what it does. It is different than cases of those who have been violated by acquaintances or strangers.

Sometimes cinema can tell a story better than just words, consider Shattered Trust, the Shari Karney Story. Look at how Karney's parents are depicted. Look at how the need to appear "Normal" is so important that sexual molestation of a small child becomes acceptable.

"I think I'm perfectly normal now. I have a job, I'm married, I have a great life."

These are the words of the Pandora's Aquarium Founder and President, Shannon Lambert

When people insist on saying that their way is right, that other people cannot say anything to disagree, and that this is For Your Own Good, what they are doing is what their parents did to them. They are practicing pedagogy. There can be conservative pedagogy and there can be liberal pedagogy. Liberal pedagogy is rewritten every few years so that it won't sound like its pedagogy. What does not change is that the parents get to use the child. They have a need to do this so that they don't have to face the pain of what their parents did to them, they ways they were used. Unfortunately this using does sometimes include sexual molestation, rape. Experts put the numbers at something like 1 in 4 for females and 1 in 6 for males.

The problem with Psychotherapy and the entire Recovery Model is that it focuses on the victims needing to change, instead of on redress. Originally Freud found that 100% of his patients, female hysterics from well off families, had been sexually molested. He reported this at a conference and there was great uproar. So after that he changed his position. When he published his 1901 Interpretation of Dreams, he introduced the idea of infantile sexual fantasy and then later his Oedipal Drive Theory. So ever since Psychoanalysis has served to supress anyone who wants to get to the truth, or who wants redress. Psychoanalysis is another form of pedagogy. The reason it continues is that is serves the needs of therapists to stay in denial. It also serves the needs of our entire society and the State, as exhonerating the Family System is how the State derives its power.

The leadership of Pandora's Aquarium censors posts and invokes this Healing and Recovery doctrine and it amounts to the same thing. Anyone who wants redress, anyone who wants to get at the Family System and the institutions which support it, is made wrong. They have established a climate of fear. They have taken on many of the machinations of a cult. They do this so that they will not have to face their own pains. In some cases its so that they will not have to face they ways in which they have used their own children.

So the using of children continues. In some cases this will be sexual molestation, which is rape. Some will go on to make sexual assaults on aquaintances and strangers.

lets just pray that this web site can stay up

As Lambert and Pandora's Aquarium / Pandora's Project have gotten the predecessor to this site taken down, a written complaint will be filed with the Minnesota Dept of Corporations, against their non-profit status. Keep your browsers pointed to this web site for the complete text of that complaint!


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Our strentgh is building! We will be able to reach out and expose these Recovery Movement forum moderators, admins and founders and destroy them publicly! So no more will they be able to abuse the survivors of familial abuses!